Make online money though Brave Browser

Make online money though Brave Browser

January 16, 2019 Off By TechAunt

The first thing i do when i installed a browser is ad an ad-blocker, Because there are so many ads than what i actually look for. But if i can have portion of the revenue i might think twice before enabling ad-blocker.

That’s what startup Brave hopes to accomplish with a major new phase of its browser business. When Brave 1.0 arrives on personal computers, Brave will give those users 70 percent of the ad revenue.

Here’s how Brave’s ad system works

The first phase of Brave’s ad system won’t actually pay anybody anything, till the release of Brave 1.0. A slider will let you pick how many ads to see each day, from one to 20. Just seeing an ad generates a bit of revenue, but clicking on it generates more.

How much money? As a lower bound, perhaps $5 per month if you see 120 ads.

They also plans another phase in partnership with publishers. There, ads will appear on the websites you visit, not just in separate tabs. In that phase, publishers will get 70 percent of the ad revenue, you’ll get 15 percent and Brave will get 15 percent.

But we have to think about ads and ad trackers take their toll on computing power, battery life and network usage. And then some ads are just plain bad. About one in 200 ads is a form of malware, and more than one in 100 video ads is fraudulent.

Source : Cnet