Google+ accounts to be deleted, See how to download your data

Google+ accounts to be deleted, See how to download your data

January 31, 2019 Off By TechAunt

Google officially announced its social network Google+ will shut down on April 2. On February 4, users will not be able to create new Google+ profiles, pages, communities or events. After Google+ will become inaccessible to users, and content will begin to be deleted.

Google+ was launched in ‎June 28, 2011 had peak users about 2 billion and now its end of life cycle.

Last October, The Wall Street Journal revealed that data from 500,000 Google+ users had been exposed over a three year period, but the company had decided to keep quiet on the matter.

Two months later, Google announced that more than 52 million Google+ users had been affected by another bug which exposed personal information including names, email addresses, occupations, and ages.

Google has encouraged users to download and save their content before it is deleted. To do that you can follow this simple guide.

You can download an archive of all your Google+ data at once, including your Google+ circles, Communities, Streams, and +1’s. Your Google+ archive includes your photos and videos from Google+.

  • Go to the Download your data page(Click here). You might have to sign in. Your available Google+ data will be pre-selected.
  • Click Next.
  • Choose a file type.
  • Choose how you want your data delivered.
  • Click Create archive.