Future of airport security isn’t bad

Future of airport security isn’t bad

January 18, 2019 Off By TechAunt

Airport checks are not reminding me good memories but it may in the future. New technology for airport is being demonstrated to industry experts at a showcase event in London. It is part of the government’s Future Aviation Security Solutions (Fass) scheme, which is investing millions of pounds in promising ideas.

The shoe scanner, developed by a company called Scanna, uses a grid of sensing electrodes to analyse shoes and what they contain. This pad that could detect explosives hidden in shoes while people are queuing at security.

Another company, Sequestim, hopes to eliminate the hassle of removing coats and items such as phones and wallets from pockets.

It hopes to let passengers pass through its scanners wearing their coats with full pockets, and still identify concealed threats.

Cooling its sensor to -273C (-459F) increases its effectiveness and allows passengers to be scanned from up to 8m (26ft) away, the company says.

The company says its artificial intelligence will let passengers leave their belongings in their pockets, as the system will learn “what normal looks like” and will be able to flag suspicious items.

“It won’t eliminate the need for a pat down, but will speed up the process by reducing the number of trays going through the scanners,” said Rob Spurrett, managing director of Sequestim.

I hope all of these innovations will be adapt soon, Don’t you?