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Simple rolling minesweeper to save lives from landmines

Massoud Hassani -Afghanistan-born designer, has come up with an unusual minesweeper that uses the wind to propel itself in a search for landmines. This minesweeper  is made using bamboo and biodegradable plastics. The ball is light enough to get blown around by the wind, allowing people to steer clear of a potential danger zone. It has a GPS tracker which use to create a map of the areas that have been cleared. Each ball can potentially detonate several landmines before it is too damaged to continue.

According to the United Nations, There are 110 million active landmines strewn across 64 countries around the world, There are robots and mine deactivating agent to do the jobs, But Many countries don’t have the money or the man power to remove all mines, This minesweeper is a really simple solution. Maybe the answer is that simple.