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IBM’s new powerful mainframe the “zEnterprise EC12” is out

IBM  today(28-08-12) announced their new  mainframe server the “zEnterprise® EC12”, They said this is their powerful and technologically advanced version of an IBM system they ever built in 48 years. The new enterprise system features technologies that demonstrate IBM’s ongoing commitment to meet the growing need to secure and manage critical information with the System z mainframe.

International Business Machines (IBM) Corp is the dominant provider of mainframe computers, selling machines that run on powerful microprocessors of its own design and priced starting at about $1 million. And it’s built as a result of $1 billion in IBM research project.

New, cutting-edge System z® capabilities for security and analytic dramatically boost cloud performance with help from IBM Research innovations. zEC12 offers 25% more performance per core, over 100 configurable cores and 50% more total capacity than its predecessor. And occupied with world’s fastest chip running at 5.5 GHz.

Although analysts said existing customers are likely to appreciate the new bells and whistles. But they cautioned it will be tough for IBM to win new clients as most businesses are already enamored of cheaper technology.