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Draw face using DNA – New era for criminal investigation

Old way of identifying suspects by matching DNA’s is only gonna help to confirm suspects, Not to find them. This old method comes to end because now researchers found a method to draw face using single DNA.

Every human is different from another, But we all are born using single DNA. All our physical specifications are listed in single file, how long our nose, what is our eye color, height, skin color every thing. It’s massive storage. Researchers recently identified few DNA parts that say about facial characteristics.

Manfred Kayser from the Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam Netherlands and his colleagues analyzed DNA from 10,000 Europeans by examining nine specific facial “landmarks” in three-dimensional MRI scans of their heads, and analyzing a further eight landmarks in portrait photographs of their faces. And identified few files that can help to identify face like distance from the eyes to the bridge of the nose, the length of the nose, and the facial width between cheekbones etc.

“It’s a start,” says Manfred Kayser, sooner they will be able to draw exact how he/she looks like by analyzing the DNA.